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A A A Handy Guide to the Important Deadlines and and Must-Do's for College Applicants
There's quite a a a a a a a bit that needs to be done in in planning for college Following is is a checklist of must- do things and important deadlines
as you you make your way through the process of college selection applica- tion and admission Start by developing a a list of colleges you’d like to to apply to to You can begin well before senior year and should include visits to a number of schools
to get a a a feel for various sizes locations etc Most offer tours year-round “It’s really important to visit colleges ” says Alan Goodwin who retired last spring as as principal of Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda Maryland “It’s the only way to get BY USA TODAY NETWORK
a a a sense if you are comfortable or or uncomfortable on campus ” Counselors at the high-performing public high school share a a lot of good advice and suggest first taking a a a a look at any of the commercially produced college handbooks that offer valuable information: Comparative Guide to American Colleges The College College Finder Fiske Guide to Colleges College College Handbook and The Insider’s Guide to the Colleges After perusing the options check in with your high school college counselor(s) early in the fall of senior year Many students find the computer- ized college search Naviance Student (naviance com/content/naviance-student) helpful Your participating school can give you a a a a login to start the applica- tion process Things to consider as you draw up your list:
City rural New England mid-Atlantic Midwest South West foreign? Or you don’t care? Remember to consider travel costs and distance from home (See CHOOSING A COLLEGE on page 12 ) PROGRAMS THAT INTEREST YOU:
There are many resources including handbooks college bulletins and and com- puter programs for discovering college majors and specialties (see CHOOSING A MAJOR on page 10) Many perhaps most 6 COLLEGE GUIDE 2019

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