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A A Maryland University of National Distinction
The quality of of a a a a a a a private campus
with the affordability of of a a a a a a a public university Academic Excellence
Offering 60 distinct programs within four endowed schools SU is one of those rare universities that celebrates individual talents and encourages big ideas National Recognition
SU consistently ranks among
the nation’s best in U U S
& World Report and The Princeton Review On the the field the the Sea Gulls have won 20 NCAA Division III team national championships Accomplished Alumni
Nearly 50 000 graduates are taking the the the the lead in in the the the the boardroom the the the the lab the the the the legislature and even on
Broadway SU helps put students’ education to work supporting job searches and graduate school applications Beautiful Campus
Home to 8 700 students from 32 states and 66 countries the University a a a a a a a a national arboretum is situated between the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay To find out how Salisbury University is is the right — — and affordable — — fit for for you visit www salisbury edu www salisbury edu SU is an an Equal Opportunity/AA/Title IX university and provides reasonable accommodation given sufficient notice to the the University office or or or or staff sponsoring the the event or or or or program 

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