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be a a a a a great way to learn about yourself and your fifield of study as well Taking classes related to your major while abroad provides the opportunity to learn about how the the rest of the the world prepares students for the profession Many programs involve more hands-on activities instead of lectures for stu- dents Fieldwork interviewing profes- sionals research projects site visits and even some tourism are integral parts of study abroad schedules I studied health care in in Argentina attending lectures taught in in in Spanish in- terviewing nurses across the North and South and researching the treatment of addictions It provided a a different per-
spective that students do not frequently experience from undergraduate cur- riculums I majored in public health and international development at at Tulane University which led me to choose this program I decided to pursue nursing after witnessing the impact nurses had at institutions regardless of the site’s wealth or patient population To ease the application process and ensure you select the right program contact your school’s study abroad offifice Universities often have study- abroad fairs and information sessions Studying abroad helps students learn and gain confifidence in in their careers and themselves I felt a a a great sense
of accomplishment putting myself in in a a completely new environment and learning how to adapt and make the best of it The day I took the wrong bus and and found out how to get home and and when my Spanish improved enough
to impress the residents were small victories that I I cherish I I am so grateful for discovering my future career and confifidence through Argentina and encourage others to benefifit from all the the opportunities studying abroad offers Leslie Schwed spent the fall semester of her junior year at Tulane University August- December 2015 in Buenos Aires Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle Newcastle Newcastle Newcastle upon Tyne United Kingdom

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