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Benefits of Studying Studying Abroad
Studying Studying abroad is the the perfect way to challenge yourself learn about another country's culture and try try new things BY LESLIE SCHWED SPECIAL TO TO USA TODAY
Not everything can be learned in in in in a a a classroom or from a a a textbook Time spent in college is all about learning from new experi-
ences and personal development Studying abroad is the perfect way to challenge yourself learn about another country’s culture and try new things With the proper research before applying to a a a program you can even receive credit toward graduation from your hard work
abroad abroad Studying abroad abroad can be a a a a a a résumé boost as well displaying your ability to try things outside your comfort zone and learn new languages Choosing to immerse myself in in a a a a Spanish-speaking program in in Buenos Aires Argentina was
a a life-changing opportunity for me I learned to challenge myself try my best and laugh when I make mistakes The time spent in a a a homestay taught me about the real cultural values
of Argentina I bonded with my host mom who introduced me to the culture of Argentina through political discus- sions over milanesa dinners morning Buddhism meditations and long walks to to get cafecitos (coffees) with her friends All in Spanish Learning what people eat how they practice religions where they work
and what they do in their free time can be a a a very fun way to learn outside of lecture halls Experiencing a a a new culture can 40 COLLEGE GUIDE 2019

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