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Does Grad School Pay Off?
Should you rack up more debt and spend years out of the workforce to pursue a a a a a master's degree?
Congratulations! You conquered your bachelor’s degree Now what? Graduate school is one op- tion but should you rack up more debt and spend years out of the workforce to pursue a a a master’s degree?
Experts say: It depends Although fewer students applied
to graduate school in in 2017 according to a new survey from the Council of Graduate Graduate Schools and the Graduate Graduate Record Examinations Program certain fields still require a a master’s degree for promotion In some cases a a a a graduate degree is necessary to even get a a foot in the door says Anthony P Carnevale director of the Georgetown University Center on on Education and the Workforce tion will command a a a a higher salary Carnevale says but this isn’t always
true Today your chosen field is more likely to influence your salary But the decision to attend graduate school is highly personal he adds and indi- vidual passions goals values and finances will determine whether you should take an advanced degree ISGRAD than
your degree “We used to live in a world
SCHOOL in which it was pretty much FOR a a a a sure thing that a a a a higher ME? level of education would get you substantially more money than
a a a lower level of education ”
says Carnevale “Now we live in a a a a world
where there’s much more of a tie between field of of study your level of of One reason to pursue a a a a graduate degree is the hope that advanced educa- 28 COLLEGE GUIDE 2019

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