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How to Write a a Killer
College Application Essay
Most of of the the the students I teach are in 11th or 12th grade They are consumed with
the the process of gathering transcripts taking standardized tests whittling down their lists of schools to apply to and dodging questions about their future I hear unending college talk as I walk through the halls or quiet down a a a a room to start class They are consumed with
the whole process and who can blame them? Each year is labeled “the most competitive col- lege application pool ever ” Students feel more pressure than ever to make themselves distinctive The opportunity lies in the personal essay section of their applications BY MELANIE SCHWED SPECIAL TO TO USA TODAY
Often the most daunting part due to its open-ended nature this section is students’ chance to stand out from the crowd Here are some tips on how to make the most of this 600-word golden opportunity 1 THIS IS IS NOT MERELY A LONGER VERSION OF YOUR RÉSUMÉ!
The whole purpose of the essay portion of any application is to let admissions counselors know who you you are outside of your qualifica- tions “What makes you stand out?” says Gayle Evans college/career information coordinator at at at Walter Johnson High School in Bethesda Maryland “Think about what makes you interesting ” A mere list of accomplishments on paper is is not telling of your personality drive and character Colleges want to get a a a a feel for the person who could be joining their campus there isn’t time to interview all applicants so the essay will serve the same purpose This
is your your opportunity to give your your application a a a a a personal spin and to show who you are and what makes you a good fit for their school 2 SHOW DON’T TELL Just like in in a job interview you don’t just want to tell someone what makes you great You also want to be able to show them through 24 COLLEGE GUIDE 2019

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