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Is Online College for You?
Amelia Roberts a a a a a a a a nurse in in in Wash- ington D C knew she needed to to return to college for a a bachelor's degree if she wanted to win a a a care coordinator position at at her hospital But attending college on a a a campus wasn't a a a a practical option for her "I was in in the workforce so traveling to a a a class in in in the evening wasn't going to to work Everything pointed to to online university " Roberts says She enrolled in in a a a bachelor of science program in in nursing online through Thomas Edison State University in New Jersey She got the promotion Roberts found the independent self-paced style of online learning suited her well Millions of college students enroll in in online courses every year Nearly a a a Answer 5 Questions to Find Out
third of all college students take at least one one online course and one one in in seven students take online courses exclu- sively according to recent data from the Babson Survey Research Group But it's not for everyone If you're considering an online degree program ask yourself these five questions 1 AM I I SELF-MOTIVATED?
You need to to be a a self-starter to to succeed in any classroom but it's critical for online learning Online degree seekers are often older than typical freshmen and classes aren't always their top priority "The majority of our students are working adults with full-time jobs children and other commitments outside of the classroom " says Joe Chapman director of student services for Arizona State Univer- sity Online "Attending in in in class on campus is not an option for them and it's been several years since they last attended school It
can be daunting and scary for some people " To thrive in in in an online setting you'll need self-discipline You'll also need a a a a a strategy to manage your time and energy to balance class- work with other responsibilities 2 DO I I I HAVE THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT?
You can take a a a a a course online at any time and place — that's the primary appeal Yet that doesn't mean you should be using your smartphone to do it experts say 22 COLLEGE GUIDE 2019 COLLEGE GUIDE 2019 

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