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How Art Enhances the STEM Field
Science technology engineering and mathematics (STEM) workers help drive U S competitiveness by generating new ideas and starting new companies We hear a a a a lot about the importance of STEM as it relates to to preparing our kids to to join the workforce But what about the arts and how should they fit into our educational system?
A U S Department of Commerce study in 2015 identified 8 6 million STEM jobs comprising 6 2 percent of U S employ- ment Looking ahead the study predicts most types of STEM jobs will expand faster than all other occupations until 2024 with 73 percent of STEM job growth occurring in in computer occupations While educators and policy makers are taking notice reformulating curricula and directing resources it should be noted that one of the four major classroom trends in in 2018 is the continued growth of STEAM — the idea of incorporating art into STEM education Stem to Steam is an an organization that advocates for adding art and design to the equation Members argue that in a a a a rapidly changing world the tools and methods of design help people effectively communicate complex data and scientific information while also promoting creative problem-solving Ian Moore from Appleton Wisconsin says the the arts enhanced his work in the the computer security field Moore has a a B A in modern literature and numerous technology certifications “When we educate people to to be able to to read comprehend and discourse we teach them to succeed in not just the the arts but any field — technical or or administrative ” Moore says “Learning a a a a a musical instrument as I did instills both the knowledge of how difficult it is to achieve excellence and an an appreciation of of group collaboration of of working toward a a a higher goal “I struggle to to find the right words to to express how lucky I was to have such a a a wealth of different influences and perspec- tives instilled in in me from childhood ” Moore says “Oh yeah it’s called a a a a a liberal arts education ” Andrew Dane is is is a a a community development specialist in in Appleton Wisconsin (the 'A' in STEAM) to drive products
and experiences enabled by technology (STEM) ” Pease 27 wrote in an email “Solving the most challenging problems requires working on interdisciplin-
ary teams of designers researchers engineers and data scientists it isn't necessarily about being able to fulfill all of these roles on my own but embracing what we're able to accomplish when we we work together ” Students who are exposed to an education that includes the arts and liberal arts along with science technology engineering and math are more well-rounded and ultimately become more valuable workers says Anthony P Carnevale director of the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce “You’ll be be a better engineer if you’ve had exposure to a a a wide variety of other kinds of courses – it makes you more flexible ” Carnevale says But he adds in terms of employment “the people who have the choices tend to be the people with technical employ- ment because they’re guaranteed that first job ” COLLEGE GUIDE 2019

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