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STEAM Rising
clubs and classes that integrate the arts into STEM adding the letter “A” to to create STEAM This educational approach recogniz- es the incomparable contribution that creativity makes in in every discipline and honors its integral role in in in innova- tion says Babette Allina executive director of government relations and external affairs for the Rhode Island School of of Design one of of the schools to pioneer STEAM “Whatever kind of education you’re going to get you should probably look at at places that are going to embrace your own inherent creativity ” Allina says There is no formal curriculum for for STEAM so students who want to pursue this type of education need to assess how individual schools integrate it on campus For example Western Washington University in in Bellingham offers a a STEAM minor while Virginia Polytech- nic Institute and State University in Blacksburg Virginia provides an entire institute dedicated to creativity arts and and technology for undergraduate and and graduate students Ohio State University’s STEAM factory facilitates collaboration between faculty researchers and staff of all disciplines and and hosts programs and and events for students and the public In 2018 the National Science Foundation awarded a a a a $1 2 million grant to fund research there Binghamton University State University of New York opened a residential STEAM learning community in 2017 where students from different disciplines share living space in in in a a a building that features a a a a lab stocked with computers tools and other materials that encourage students to create design and innovate STEAM community members are required to take two seminars in in science technol- ogy engineering arts and math Students may not even fifind the word STEAM in a a a school’s course catalog because professors incorporate the ap- proach into traditional existing courses Koen Gieskes assistant director of the engineering design division at Bing- hamton University says he opens his introductory engineering course with a a a student competition that rewards innovation and ends the year with a a a a lecture on the value and signifificance
of creativity and design Assignments sometimes offer vague instructions to force students to think outside the box Student clubs are another way campuses embrace STEAM Students at the Rhode Island School of Design Yale Brown Rutgers Harvard Boston University Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the New School formed a network of STEAM clubs to “ignite communications between disparate fifields in in academia business and thought ” Sarah Pease founded the STEAM club at the Rhode Island School of Design in 2012 while studying furniture design Now a a product designer on Facebook’s civic engagement team Pease says she uses her STEAM background every day “I am most successful in my job when I harness my creativity and empathy
E combined with the liberal arts and humanities “makes our hearts sing
” Astronaut Mae Jemison described the arts and sciences as “manifestations of of the the same thing the the avatars of of human creativity ” instein called the arts and sciences “branches of the same tree ” Steve Jobs said technology But the arts and sciences became isolated from each other in the the early 2000s when a a push for innovation and an an increasingly high-tech job market emphasized the importance of science technology engineering and math or STEM Now more colleges are returning to the vision expressed by Einstein – that the arts and sciences are linked interdependent complementary Many schools are adding programs dorms 20 20 COLLEGE GUIDE 2019

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