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of classes that are both interesting but
still fill core requirements Students should keep an open mind about academic experiences and allow themselves to be flexible Students can also double major if multiple subjects interest them Double majors will often be in two completely different subjects and will require a a punishing work load but
this may be a a a great decision for undergrads who love learning Other options are academic minors and certificates These allow students to pursue multiple academic endeavors but
do not require nearly as large a a a course load The good news for prospective students is is that there is is time to figure out college majors Advisers say undergraduates should lock in a a a a major by the the the time they complete their core coursework For the average student this will be during the final semester of their second year or the the first semester of of their third year The majority of of classes taken from that point forward will be major specific Take time during the first year to explore interests and learn about the opportunities different majors can provide Choosing a a a a major is an an important decision but
a a majority of students change majors at least once Students who go to college with an open mind and follow some of the above tips should be able to pick a a a major with relative ease Remember many gradu- ates find jobs that have nothing to do with their specific major Plus careers are not final In fact the average person changes careers two to three times Don’t panic Luke Luke Lukert studied finance and banking at the University of Georgia He now works as a a a reporter for an Atlanta area radio station COLLEGE GUIDE 2019

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