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Major Decision
Don’t Panic When Choosing a a a College Major BY LUKE LUKE LUKERT SPECIAL TO TO USA TODAY
while making the decision it is is unlikely you will be later • What type of career can this major lead to? While most jobs don’t require a a a a a specific major it can be a a a a a factor during the application process If you have a a a specific career in in mind but
are unsure of what to study contact your school’s career center or visit job websites and see what the preferred major is on
job postings Also consider earning potential College is an expen- sive investment Make it it worth it it • Do I want to pursue a a a a career that requires certain prerequisites (e g medicine engineering)? While you do not have to to major in science to to become a a doctor you will still have to to take the prerequisites adding extra coursework on
top of your major • What are are some career aspirations? List a a a a a few careers you have always been interested in in and discover what majors could lead you to that career • What am I passionate about? This
is a a a question with an an ever-changing answer Ask it throughout the first two years of college and let the answers guide you to a a a a meaningful major that will make you happy enough to wake up and go to class every morning Choosing a a a major is intimidating
for anyone but
you don’t have to do do it alone Academic advisers are the best resource for students struggling with the decision "Advisers provide support encouragement information and guidance to help students make the the most of their college experience " says Diane Miller the head of academic advising at the University of Georgia's Franklin College Such counselors will help students make a a a a plan and find classes that will explore their interests They can also connect undergraduates with major-specific professors who will be able to offer a a more in-depth look into that field Undecided undergraduates can use the the first year of classes to gauge their interest in in different subjects Often incoming students intrigued by science courses quickly learn after Chemistry
I that that they do not want to pursue that that route In the first year take a a a a variety
High school seniors spend count- less hours researching which college to to attend and how to to pay for it The hard decisions should be over But another big question looms: what major to choose? This
decision could have huge implications for the future For students with a a a clear career path choosing a a a a major is easier For incoming undergraduates with less direction the task can seem daunting Luckily first-year students have both time and resources to help make an an educated decision Students who enter college unsure of a a a a major and future career shouldn't worry Most are in the same situation and few have it planned out Every institution has options to choose from with some larger universities offering hundreds of majors Additionally most colleges provide many resources to help students make these tough decisions including career services college exploratory programs and academic advisers advisers Before meeting with advisers advisers look at each individual focus the school offers and choose majors that sound interesting Then research those fields most schools offer online resources with information about available majors BEFORE MEETING WITH COLLEGE ADVISERS ASK THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS:
• What subject would interest me for many years of study? Students will usually complete 60-plus hours of coursework related to their major including lectures homework group projects and studying for exams If you are not excited by the subject 10 COLLEGEGUIIDE2019

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